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Applied Healthcare Solutions uses cookies on its web sites and web applications.

Cookies are small files stored on your computer by your web browser that our web server uses to identify you and to improve your user experience as you navigate our software. Some cookies are “essential” to the operation of the website, whilst others may be “non-essential” but improve your use of the website.

Where a cookie is essential to the functioning of a Web application we will ask for your consent before you log in.

Cookies can be “persistent”, staying until a set expiry date or “session” cookies, which last only until the browser is closed. We use _ga, which is a persistent cookie and _gat and _gid, which are both session cookies. All three of these cookies are connected with Google analytics and are “non-essential”

Our Websites provide you with the option to control how cookies are set by your browser. This makes it clear what types of cookie may be used and asked for your consent if you decide to allow the cookies to be set.

Our use of cookies is part of our approach to information governance. To learn more please read our Privacy Notice.

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